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Wolf, man...

It is allowed that I should do a reproach to you.
Do not bear it in mind, so this is my character,
Seemingly calm and docile,
It has the habit of mutating when I feel betrayed.
It is not a question of neurotic pseudo pathologies,
Not of ill-will towards what it surrounds you.
It is simply a distrust.

It is not a mere random that I am, within quotation marks,
Claimed sarcasms at the moment of expressing.
Well it is known that I don't earning nothing writing.
If this was the way, i will be happy to receive,
With and without fondness, biting, ill-disposed critiques,
Absurd, harmful, sugary, evilwicked ado.

But the case is, that I write because i like it,
I am a free being, in a world with or without freedom.
I say first what that happens to me,
Sometimes, with the heart, other times, simply,
For desire of bothering, but,
I never lost the education, and it nor happened to me,
It is not my style, to think what others do.

The hypocritical ironies tire me,
The pamphlets of well-off bureaucrats,
The words without real fight,
The egocentric disputes,
The daily silly things of that one,
That having received a pat in the back,
The holder of the truth believes himself already.

The truth is so simple, and so empty, as a water glass without water.

Carlos, So simple...


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